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Great post here for Parents on BIAS - Behavioral Interventions And Solutions, LLC

You can now access the printable PDF version of this schedule by clicking this link:

In the wake of the vast number of school closings, I have created this FREE daily schedule and activity list printable for parents.

The first thing the majority of people asked for over the last few days is some type of printable schedule. Many families are just starting to find out that their children will be out of school for the next 4-6 weeks, and are coming to the realization that in order to maintain continuity they will need to implement a structured schedule.

I created a sample schedule for you, as well as a list of activity ideas for each category. Are the schedule times or order of activities not quite right? Print it out, cut out the strips apart, reorder them to your liking and then glue it to a plain sheet of paper. You can even write in your own times next to each activity. Make learning from home a breeze by scheduling and alternating preferred and non-preferred activities.

Questions, or in need of other resources? Email me at

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