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Dublin Stage School is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its students and Staff.  The Dublin Stage School Child Protection Policy is available to parents and staff at all of our schools.

All of its Principals, teachers and assistants have Garda clearance to work with children and young adults.


Dublin Stage School is committed to a child-centred approach to our work with children and young people. We undertake to provide a safe environment and experience, where respect for, and the welfare of, the child/young person are paramount. We will adhere to the “Children First National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children” by having and implementing procedures covering:


  • Safe recruitment, training, and management/supervision of staff

  • Code of behaviour for staff

  • Incidents and accidents

  • Complaints

  • Reporting of suspected or disclosed abuse

  • Confidentiality

  • Access, upon request, to information on these procedures to relevant parties

  • Allegations of misconduct or abuse by staff


Where we work with children through a host organisation that has the primary contact and relationship with parents/carers, our Child Protection Policy and processes may be mediated through that host organisation.


We may on occasion take photographs and/or video for publicity of Dublin Stage School’s classes or shows, and may want to share them on social media with care and attention that you would expect and/or for record keeping or for casting purposes.


We at Dublin Stage School believe in having a Principal; Evan or Emma, whose role is to supervise rather than teach. Whilst the tuition is delivered by specialist teachers the Principal is free to visit and observe all of the classes at the school.


Dublin Stage School Ireland has full public liability and professional indemnity insurance with Faraday Insurances at Lloyds in all our centres and summer schools. Our Child protection policies follow all National and Best Practice Guidelines.


If any parent, carer, teacher, leader, or participant is uncomfortable with photos and/or video being used or requires more information about this or any aspect of our Child Protection Policy Statement, please speak with Evan or Emma Holton or email:

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