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Casting News: urgently looking for a boy of East African extraction aged 7-12

Amy Rowan Casting are urgently looking for a boy of East African extraction aged 7-12 to play a role in an upcoming feature film.

The film will be shot in Dublin and Amy Rowan Casting are hoping to cast ASAP. If you have any suggestions or if you have any leads for people in the relevant communities who could help, please put them in touch with the casting company on:

Official website for Amy Rowan Casting:

More about the feature film:

Director: Zee Mehari

Production Company: Carlisle Films

Shoot Dates: Ireland, Oct. 29-Nov 23; Ethiopia, Dec 1-14

Set between Ethiopia and London, 1974


- Age between 7 and 11. Ethiopian.

- Ahmed comes to London as a refugee from Ethiopia with his pregnant mother Amina. After Lilly helps Amina deliver her baby, Amina and Ahmed move in to Lilly's council flat. During this time Amina discovers her beloved husband Yusuf, whom she feared had been killed in Ethiopia, is alive. The family are happily reunited when Yusuf comes to London and surprises them.

- 4 short speaking scenes.

- Speaks English. Gentle Ethiopian accent would be great.

- They are looking for a boy from (or parents from) Africa particularly any of the following countries: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Djibouti, Burundi.

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