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Musical Theatre Intensive 13 to 18yrs

Dublin Stage School offers a specialised musical theatre intensive of musical theatre class taught by industries professional, for aspiring teen performers aged 13 to 18 years. Dublin Stage School takes traditional musical theater training into a immersive fun environment which we can to showcase last day of camp for family and friends to come enjoy!

We plan every year to bring happiness, new friendships and a new or renewed passion for performance arts.At the start of each week we will take time to get to know the students, to see how they work and how much they want to give us on day 1. With trust, praise and encouragement by Day 5 or 10 we have a more confident student who is surprise even themselves.

We teach from the start, everybody there on Day one will start at the same place, its up to the students with our help where they take it.

We will learn Songs and Choreography from well known Musical

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