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Dublin Stage School Students Hit The High Notes With Evita

Dublin Stage School Evita Choir

Last year we were contacted once again by Bill Kenwright's production team asking if they could use our talented students in their UK & Ireland Tour of Evita coming to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in June. This is not the first time we have been a part of this amazing show and of course we were delighted to be included once again.

Dublin Stage School Evita Choir Blue Team
Dublin Stage School Evita Choir Red Team

The challenge was to choose 24 students - not that we struggled finding the talent - but the opposite, we had so many students that would have risen to the challenge, but the production team had specific criteria of a look, height and limited age range which guided our choice.

All Boys Evita, UK Tour, Bord Gais Theatr
Blue Team for Evita UK Tour Board Gais Theatre

We are delighted to have 2 teams of 12 wonderful students who began rehearsals on Sunday 14th May. The teams will alternate between performances. They children spent the last three Sundays rehearsing before they headed for the Bord Gais Enery Theatre on Tuesday 6th June at 12pm for a run through with the cast. We also had to choose a soloist girl for each team and the lucky girls are Daniella Moroney Dunne and Julia White, the understudy is Alex Collins.

Evita Girls Dublin Stage School Bord Gais Theatre

There was so much excitement, when everyone walked out onto the enormous stage and looked out into the theatre that seats over 2000. The musical director ran through the lines with the

soloists, whilst the resident directors took each team in turn and showed them where to stand and what to do for their scenes. The UK cast are incredibly talented and super friendly which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

To add to the excitement the production asked for our help to find additional adults to join the cast in various scenes. So not only will Dublin Stage School children be performing in Evita but also some of their parents and relatives! So far we have completed two matinees and two evening shows with both teams for which they received a standing ovation.

The first team, the Red team kick off the opening night, while the Blue team will do the closing night The show runs from the 6th - 17th June 2017. It's an incredible show and not to be missed. Book your tickets here.

With more than 20 major awards to its credit, including the Oscar winning film version starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas, and featuring some of the most iconic songs in musical theatre, including Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, On This Night of a Thousand Stars, You Must Love Me, and Another Suitcase in Another Hall, this smash hit show truly promises to be THE THEATRICAL EVENT OF THE YEAR!!

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