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Professional Headshots

DSS Headshots Sample

We are delighted to announce that we have booked photographer Brendan Harrington to come to our Senior Schools and take head shots of our Students to be used for our Casting Department. The images will be saved digitally for this purpose only.

This is not compulsory. Places are limited. There are only 20 places available in each Senior School, not to worry as Brendan will be back in the Autumn term too if you can't make it.

Brendan has over 30 years experience in this business and first took my Head Shot 21 years ago (Evan), and on Facebook too. Headshot fee €25.00 first come first served and it is possible to attend another school once we have availability. Please wear Dublin Stage School t-shirt and bring hair brushes and clips etc. to ensure a neat and tidy appearance. Brendan will be taking Head Shots and some group shots at their relevant school;


Thursday 25th May

Friday 26th May

Saturday 27th May


Sunday 28th May


Saturday 3rd June

Group shots may be used on our web site so if you would rather your child not involved in this aspect please let us know by email.

Email to book your headshot.

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